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Confidential Conversations

Have you ever had a problem that you wish you could talk over with someone, but didn’t want to see a therapist and didn’t want your friends and family to know what you are struggling with?  Wouldn’t it be a relief to know there is a confidential resource that gives you access to an unbiased perspective with a generational, empathic point of view to help you gain insight and come to a solution?

Confidential Conversations is your resource.

I have created a new service that grew out of the premarital work that I do with my engaged couples.  I have developed different courses to promote premarital conversations for engaged couples, but did not have an offering to help those people who are facing problems outside of the engagement period.

I have teamed up with two other people to offer an unique service to provide different perspectives on problems you are facing and questions you have.  Each team member comes from a different generation, with different life experiences.

Jill Cloutier is a 36-year old stay at home mom with two school-aged children.  She is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer.  She has a natural draw for people to come to her for confidential sharing.  She has been married for 12 years and is part of Generation X.

Janice Carter, at 64 years old, is a Baby Boomer.  She has raised two children while pursuing a career as a director in Information Technology for Fortune 500 companies.  Now, she is working in her second career as wedding officiant.  Divorced after 25 years of marriage, she has two children and three grandchildren.

Charline Payne is a very dynamic 88-year-old.  A recent widow, she is part of The Greatest Generation, growing up during the Depression and entering adulthood during World War II.  She was a war bride, married to the same man for 67 years, until his death two years ago.  She raised four children and has eight grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Confidential Conversations is an email-based service.  Each problem or question emailed to me will receive an answer back within a day with three different perspectives, one from each of the team members.

Everyone has problems at times during their life and they need someone to talk to – someone outside their immediate circle of family and friends.  Confidential Conversations provides a place you can go to when you need support and someone with whom you can talk things over – without other people knowing.

You can seek and receive help from wherever you are, anytime, day or night.  All you need is access to your computer or smart phone.  Since your consultation is done via email, you have the time and privacy to present your problem openly, creating the opportunity to receive the best perspective and advice.  Your question will receive our responses within a day.  To contact Confidential Conversations, email: