Rev. Janice Carter

Wedding Celebrant and Officiant in the Seattle area

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Premarital Conversations and Coaching

Join Rev. Jan Carter as she discusses the premarital conversations and coaching that she does with engaged couples.  She has developed the questionnaire, “99 Questions Before Saying ‘I Do’”.

She is also joined by her mother and daughter to discuss their service, Three Generations of Payne.


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Life’s Transitions

Interview on Ashford Radio with Rev. Jan Carter and Three Generations of Payne on August 1, 2012 on “Life’s Transitions”.  We discuss life’s transitions from three different perspectives from three different generations – Rev. Jan and her mother and daughter.

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‘Tis the Season To Get Married


Halloween is behind us and we are fast approaching Thanksgiving!  Soon it will be the end of the year!

For those couples thinking ahead, getting married before the end of the year will allow you to file your income tax return for 2013 as a married couple.  This will save most couples money when they file their income tax returns.

You can have a private, intimate wedding at my home to become legally married and then have your big wedding as planned in 2014!  It is a no fuss, no stress solution.  Just bring your marriage license, your wedding rings (optional), and two witnesses!

For more details, call Rev. Jan Carter at 206.915.1077. Or email me at


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Married on 41st Wedding Anniversary

Jennie Knapp and Bob Wuensch were reunited in marriage today, exactly 41 years after their first wedding.  They were first married while they were in the Navy on August 15, 1972 and wed for the second time today – on the 41st anniversary of their first marriage!  During the 41 years between their two weddings, they got divorced  and  married other people, but discovered they were always looking for someone who could measure up to their first love!  Now, 38 years after divorcing each other, they celebrated a real love story – their coming together again to marry the one they have loved during all those years of separation!  They had lost track of each other and lived on different coasts with 3,000 miles separating them, but found each other again through Facebook.

They kept their wedding very simple and intimate, limiting it to ten guests.  Afterwards, everyone went to dinner together to celebrate their marriage and to eat wedding cake!

The song, “I Wanna Grow Old With You” expresses their feelings well:

“Oh I could be the one,
Who grows old with you.
I wanna grow old with you.”

May they be blessed with many long and happy years together!

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Camm-Thompson Wedding at Pickering Barn

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Pickering Barn was the site for Megan’s and Adam’s mid-July wedding. The bridal party looked elegant and summery in their gray, white, and yellow outfits. Megan was gorgeous in her soft, white, flowing gown. Adam was handsome in his gray tux with a white shirt, yellow vest and bowtie. The bridesmaids wore gray strapless dresses and the groomsmen wore the same color combination as the groom. The flower girl was precious in her white rose dress with a yellow sash and cute little pigtails!

This was a special wedding that had been anticipated since last year not only by the families of the bride and groom, but also by the photographer, Barbara Roser, who is the godmother of the groom, and by the wedding officiant, Rev. Jan Carter, who is a business partner and long-time friend of the photographer. The celebration started the evening before the wedding with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner hosted by Barbara in her beautiful gardens in Sammamish. It was a romantic setting that could have been a scene out of France or Italy. Everyone had the chance to enjoy each other and to dine on a gourmet Chinese buffet.

On the day of the wedding, the bridal party had fun wearing sunglasses and doing group jumps for the photographer before the ceremony. The men loved showing off their argyle socks for the cameras. The ceremony was held outside under a clear blue, sunny, Seattle sky. During the ceremony, both fathers bestowed their family wishes upon the couple and imparted their thoughts for Megan’s and Adam’s marriage. The marriage ceremony ended with a hands ceremony which started “These hands, that you are holding, are the hands that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years”. The ceremony ended with the following thoughts:

The love already shared by your hearts
Has been strengthened by the vows you have taken.
As your hands are held by the hands of your beloved,
So shall your lives be held by your love
From now until the end of your days.

We wish Megan and Adam a lifetime of love and happiness together as they start their life together in Spokane with their daughter.

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Jo Flies From Okinawa to Marry Her Bride

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Jo flew from Okinawa, where she was stationed with the Air Force, and landed at SeaTac airport just hours before her wedding Sunday afternoon. She was picked up at the airport by her bride, Edessa, and their close friends and witnesses, Carmen and Sabina, and was whisked away to the SimpliDone Gardens for the upcoming wedding. Jo and Edessa had not seen each other for several months and waited to see each other until Edessa walked down the aisle. Edessa was wearing a stunning white dress with floral heels and was carrying a bouquet of wild flowers. Jo was dressed all in black with a white bow tie. Rev. Jan gave a heartfelt wedding ceremony. Barbara Roser took many beautiful photos of the newly-wed couple during and after the ceremony in different parts of the gardens.

After the ceremony, Edessa revealed the secret her floral shoes were keeping. On the bottom of the shoes were the words “I Do”! After the ceremony and pictures, the bridal party of four departed for a special dinner at Palisade Restaurant to celebrate the joining of Jo and Edessa in marriage after a six year friendship and romance.

We wish them a long and happy life together, and hope they enjoy their month together before Jo reports to her next duty station.

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Myers – Powell Wedding Join Two Families Together

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It was noon on a beautiful, sunny Saturday in June as Nancy’s sons, Shawn and Patrick, walked their mother down the aisle. “I Dreamed of You” by Barbra Streisand played for the processional walk. This wedding was the event that Nancy and Dan had been waiting for to crown their commitment to one another. When they met on Facebook sixteen months ago, Dan and Nancy lived a continent apart with Dan in Canada and Nancy in Gig Harbor. They met in person the following month and five months later, Dan relocated two thousand miles, along with his special needs daughter, to be near his soulmate. As Nancy said in her vows, their meeting could only be described as fate.

Their wedding was an intimate affair with about thirty of their closest family and friends. It was held in front of the fireplace in their new home which was finished only two months ago. It is a beautiful, loving home for them and their combined family of three daughters and two sons. Nancy was a beautiful, demure bride wearing a floor-length ivory gown and a classic string of pearls. Dan was a handsome, beaming groom in a dark suit and blue shirt with a pink boutonniere. The love they share could be felt by everyone as they said the vows they wrote to one another. Dan vowed to Nancy to “promise to do my best to make you feel loved, respected, safe, secure, desired, happy and at peace” while Nancy vowed to Dan to “be your loving wife and stand at your side until I take my last breath.”

A prayer to our Heavenly Father followed their vows:

“Let the love that is already shared by Nancy and Dan’s hearts
Be strengthened by the vows they have taken today.
As they hold the hands of their beloved,
So shall their lives be held by Your love and guidance
From now until the end of their days.

May the rest of their days be filled with love, peace, and health as they walk hand in hand through life.