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Long Term Partners Wed at SimpliDone Gardens

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Bobbi and Jean have officially been partners since their commitment ceremony 15 years ago. On June 15, 2013, they were thrilled to finally be able to be legally married! As they said their vows to one another, the guests could sense their joy and happiness as tears sparkled in their eyes and emotions made it hard to speak.

They were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding at the SimpliDone Gardens in Sammamish, Washington. Bobbi was resplendent in a long, crimson gown with gold detailing and a long train. Jean was attired in a coordinated ensemble consisting of a black shirt and suit with a maroon vest, tie, and pocket handkerchief. Bobbi’s two daughters and her four-year-old granddaughter attended, as did Jean’s father and cousin, and several friends and neighbors.

They had a beautiful ceremony, including a purification ceremony to wash away any past transgressions and a Unity Candle ceremony to symbolically join their lives together as the following words were said, “These candles represent the glow of spirit dwelling within each of us. Today Bobbi and Jean join their twin flames to kindle a single fire of passion and enlightenment, for their union and for all the world.” The ceremony ended with the Benediction of the Apaches.

We wish Bobbi and Jean many more years of love and happiness together!


I was interviewed on May 8th, 2012 by Ashford Radio on the work I do as a wedding officiant and the premarital conversations I have with my engaged couples.  Listen next Tuesday on May 15th at noon PST on in Studio C for our discussion on Confidential Conversations, which is an outgrowth of my premarital work.

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Top Ten Topics to Discuss Before the Wedding

Marriage brings together more than just two people.  It also joins together all the expectations each person has of what a husband and wife are and what their roles are.  It factors in all the family experiences and traditions of each person.  Many times these expectations are so basic to a person’s belief system that the individual is not even aware of what they are.  After the wedding ceremony, these expectations start coming up as the couple blends their two separate lives into one life of togetherness.  The more a couple has discussed their beliefs and expectations before the wedding, the smoother the transition to married life will be.  This can be an uncomfortable process at times, but it is important to understand where your future spouse stands on key issues before you tie the knot.

The top ten topics for a couple to discuss are:

  1. Money and Finances
  2. Careers
  3. Children
  4. Sex and Bedtime Routines
  5. Religion
  6. Friends and Family
  7. What each of you want out of life (values, priorities, goals)
  8. Communications and Conflict Resolution
  9. Leisure Activities
  10. Roles and Expectations in Marriage

Each of these is a large topic with many questions to discuss.   Many couples find premarital counseling helpful so that they can discuss these areas in a thorough and constructive manner.

I provide a course called Premarital Discussions where each person answers in writing a list of questions for each topic.  The couple then sits down together and discusses their answers.  They email the results to me and every two or three topics, we meet face-to-face to discuss the results.  The couples who have gone through this course have found it very helpful, even though they had a good relationship before starting the course.

A 2014 graduate of the course wrote, “This class was really good for us to talk about every aspect of our relationship.  It forced us to sit down and talk about things openly.   [The course was] eye opening and a good way for us to communicate with guided conversation.  The course helped me to understand the background of some of my partner’s opinions/feelings.”

To find out more, you may contact me at or call me at 206.915.1077.

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Rev. Janice Carter, Wedding Celebrant and Officiant

I am a caring, compassionate wedding officiant who lives in the Greater Seattle area.    I am honored and delighted to officiate at weddings, commitment ceremonies, elopements, and renewal of vows ceremonies.

A wedding ceremony is one of those special moments in life.  I  work with each couple to design a wedding ceremony that is meaningful and memorable.  Your ceremony should reflect your personalities, beliefs, and your uniqueness as a couple.  I have prewritten several ceremonies you can choose from or I can help you create your own ceremony.  My goal is to provide my clients with a beautiful ceremony that they will always treasure.

I am also the wedding celebrant and officiant for SimpliDone weddings – the simple, elegant, cost-effective way for today’s couples to say “I Do”.   If you want a romantic, intimate ceremony, not crowded with co-workers and your parents’ friends, you want your ceremony to be SimpliDone!

SimpliDone provides a small, intimate wedding ceremony in a private garden setting with a caring celebrant, an award winning photographer, and a team that will see to all the details for you easily and affordably.

Whether you just need officiant for your wedding or would like to have all the details taken care of for you, email me at or call me  at 206.915.1077 to get started making your wedding a dream come true.