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Make A Movie of Your Wedding

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We are jumping for joy!

We are getting married!

There is a well-known saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  But the story a video can show is worth  a million words.  It can capture the moment for all time.  You can hear the voices, see the movement, catch things you didn’t see at the time it happened.

I ask some of my couples who are getting married if they are hiring a videographer and 99% of them say no.  They feel they can set up their smartphone on a tripod and take a video and they don’t need to spend money for someone to do that for them.

But a professionally filmed and edited video is so much more that.  Here are two examples of videos that a friend of mine sent me as ideas of what can be done  – one was made in Vancouver BC and the other one in England.   My friend’s name is Karl Dominik and he wrote, ” I want to make some amazing ones, as if it was out of a movie.”  This is a very talented man who is an actor himself and is multi-lingual, multi-talented and has lived all over the world.   In each video below, they tell a beautiful story about the couple.

In addition, I found a wedding video taken in the United States which might reflect what your wedding video might look like.

I have had the same vision as Karl for years – to make a wedding like a movie.  A variation would be to film a pre-wedding movie talking about how you met and showing you as a couple – much like we see in the first video link above – and then show that as the prelude to your wedding after the guests are seated, but before the bride comes down the aisle.  The movie would be a lead-in to the bride and the wedding ceremony.

I once attended a wedding in California over a decade ago where the couple taped the story of how they met and they played the tape after the bride walked down the aisle, but before the rest of the ceremony.  The bride and groom stood up front as the story unfolded.  It was funny in parts and heartfelt in others and overall very romantic!   It was a beautiful story and really set the stage for the wedding.  It was that wedding that gave me the idea of making a wedding like a movie or a play.  And the play, Momma Mia, furthered that idea, showing how different songs that are meaningful to the couple can be selected, then tied together into a story that tells their story.

If you like this idea, I would love to hear from you.


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