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Jo Flies From Okinawa to Marry Her Bride

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Jo flew from Okinawa, where she was stationed with the Air Force, and landed at SeaTac airport just hours before her wedding Sunday afternoon. She was picked up at the airport by her bride, Edessa, and their close friends and witnesses, Carmen and Sabina, and was whisked away to the SimpliDone Gardens for the upcoming wedding. Jo and Edessa had not seen each other for several months and waited to see each other until Edessa walked down the aisle. Edessa was wearing a stunning white dress with floral heels and was carrying a bouquet of wild flowers. Jo was dressed all in black with a white bow tie. Rev. Jan gave a heartfelt wedding ceremony. Barbara Roser took many beautiful photos of the newly-wed couple during and after the ceremony in different parts of the gardens.

After the ceremony, Edessa revealed the secret her floral shoes were keeping. On the bottom of the shoes were the words “I Do”! After the ceremony and pictures, the bridal party of four departed for a special dinner at Palisade Restaurant to celebrate the joining of Jo and Edessa in marriage after a six year friendship and romance.

We wish them a long and happy life together, and hope they enjoy their month together before Jo reports to her next duty station.


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