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Myers – Powell Wedding Join Two Families Together

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It was noon on a beautiful, sunny Saturday in June as Nancy’s sons, Shawn and Patrick, walked their mother down the aisle. “I Dreamed of You” by Barbra Streisand played for the processional walk. This wedding was the event that Nancy and Dan had been waiting for to crown their commitment to one another. When they met on Facebook sixteen months ago, Dan and Nancy lived a continent apart with Dan in Canada and Nancy in Gig Harbor. They met in person the following month and five months later, Dan relocated two thousand miles, along with his special needs daughter, to be near his soulmate. As Nancy said in her vows, their meeting could only be described as fate.

Their wedding was an intimate affair with about thirty of their closest family and friends. It was held in front of the fireplace in their new home which was finished only two months ago. It is a beautiful, loving home for them and their combined family of three daughters and two sons. Nancy was a beautiful, demure bride wearing a floor-length ivory gown and a classic string of pearls. Dan was a handsome, beaming groom in a dark suit and blue shirt with a pink boutonniere. The love they share could be felt by everyone as they said the vows they wrote to one another. Dan vowed to Nancy to “promise to do my best to make you feel loved, respected, safe, secure, desired, happy and at peace” while Nancy vowed to Dan to “be your loving wife and stand at your side until I take my last breath.”

A prayer to our Heavenly Father followed their vows:

“Let the love that is already shared by Nancy and Dan’s hearts
Be strengthened by the vows they have taken today.
As they hold the hands of their beloved,
So shall their lives be held by Your love and guidance
From now until the end of their days.

May the rest of their days be filled with love, peace, and health as they walk hand in hand through life.


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