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Once in a Lifetime Date for Dryden-Morgan Wedding

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Cyndi and Holly selected the lucky date, 12/12/12, for their wedding.  Just as this is the only time in our lifetime that any of us will see this date (it won’t be around for another hundred years), Cyndi and Holly had to wait almost a lifetime to get married.  They have been partners for thirty years and never thought they would see this day.  They have raised a child together and also have a grandchild.  Those thirty years have been filled with love and devotion to one another and they were finally able to realize their dream of getting married!

The wedding was a simple, private affair held in the home of Rev. Jan Carter.  Two of their neighbors came as witnesses and Rev. Jan’s mother was also in attendance.  There was much laughing and celebrating.

The ceremony was the most touching and memorable wedding that Rev. Jan has performed.  The joy was overwhelming as Cyndi and Holly were finally able to become wife and wife.  As the poem that was read during their ceremony said:

This day gives me a chance
to thank you for the miracle of you.
You are, and always will be,
the love of my life.


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