Rev. Janice Carter

Wedding Celebrant and Officiant in the Seattle area

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Transitions Ceremony

It is important to have ceremonies to mark the passages in our lives.  I love weddings and I celebrate couples who find a partner with whom they can build a love that lasts for a life time.

Unfortunately, 50% of marriages end in divorce.  We have weddings, which celebrate the beginning of love and building a life together.  It is also important to have a ceremony to help the newly-separated or divorced person face the end of the dream they had.   Just as we have funerals to commemorate the passing of a person from life here on earth to the afterlife, we need a ceremony to help people who are passing from being married to being single again.   I call this the Transitions Ceremony.  If you are newly separated and interested in finding out more, contact Rev. Jan at 206.915.1077.

There are other transitions, besides divorce,  that people go through in their lives which would be made easier with a ceremony.  Some examples of transitions are moving to a new location, loss of a good friend or family member, becoming empty-nesters, or learning to live with a new disability.  To learn more about the Transitions Ceremony, contact Rev. Jan at 206.915.1077 or